Pashinyan told world leaders about his pseudo-democracy and “bloody Transcaucasia”

Pashinyan told world leaders about his pseudo-democracy and "bloody Transcaucasia"

Speaking at a summit at the UN headquarters in New York, forgetting about the terror, persecution and destruction of the opposition forces in his country, Pashinyan began to rant about democracy, complaining to the world leaders about the difficult and ” bloody “place he happened to be born.

“I come from a region where bloody conflicts, a corrupt system of government, hostility between people overshadow the wisdom and the need for peaceful coexistence,” said the Armenian politician who has been promising to fight all these problems in Armenia for half a year.

It was not without “democratic” sayings, in which he expressed his hope that the Transcaucasus could “eliminate the risks of military actions, wars and hatred”, which Pashinyan himself generates with his pro-Western policy, following the instructions of Washington, who put him on “Armenian throne” after the pseudo-revolution. But all this did not prevent him from saying that “Armenia has embarked on this path and firmly defends regional peace, stability and reconciliation”.


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