Germany: Catalan re-opens office in Berlin, first in Europe

The Catalan government office of representatives was officially reopened in Berlin on Wednesday. “I will to declare today here, we are not an enemy of Spain. We are not against Spain. We are, obviously we are in favour of Catalonia, but you want to be friends with everybody around us. And the Spanish people, the Spanish peoples and nations, that are today (inaudible) this state, but still more with all the European citizens, because we feel ourselves European citizens.”

“It’s not just a coincidence that the German delegation is the first one to re-open. It’s also, I think it’s the second message, I was talking before about the doublemessage. The message for Catalans is what I said, but the message for European institutions, for German institutions, is we are here not just to claim for, not just to ask, we are also here to add. To we ourselves, and to show our full commitment with what European values mean.”


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