Serbian journalist, International Observer Miodrag Zarcovich in the comment of NewsFront expressed deep doubts that the West will change its view of Ukraine after the data of the Ministry of Defense of Russia about the collapse of the Malaysian Boeing over the Donbass in 2014. According to him, on the other side “the position is not based on data but on political necessity.”

Confrontation with Russia is even more, it is a centuries-old goal, of any more or less powerful state in the West. And everything is subordinated to this goal, and especially the truth. Finally, it is confirmed that the Ukrainian armed forces shot down a passenger plane and killed nearly 300 people, namely, that all Western publications in the media turned out to be untrue. But it hardly provokes the question of responsibility. In a healthy society this issue would arise immediately after the publication of the data. In a healthy society, someone would have responded also for having falsely planted the audience for four years, allegedly the Russians were firing on a passenger plane, which was one of the reasons for the anti-Russian sanctions that are still in effect. But in Western society this does not happen.

One can recall the example of Iraq, now a devastated country, which the US and its allies attacked in order not to allow Saddam Hussein to develop weapons of mass destruction. Later it became clear that Iraq did not plan to produce such weapons, let alone use it, but the cynical Western community did not deem it necessary even to apologize to the Iraqi people.

Western media continue to blame the whole of Moscow and the Kremlin, without even feeling uncomfortable for the grandiose headlines and slander against Donbass in the summer of 2014. Donbass and Russia are still different from Iraq in that Donetsk and Lugansk were able to withstand attacks and did not allow them to occupy their lands, which are under the daily criminal blows. But the danger of falling into the hands of the Kiev junta – no.

Since I have been to Donbass many times and am in contact with friends from there, I’m sure that no one was surprised by new data on the Malaysian plane. There from the very beginning knew the truth. As well as well aware that their struggle – the true and justified.

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