“Populism Against Populism”: Why Did Pashinyan Postpone His Visit To The Us?

"Populism Against Populism": Why Did Pashinyan Postpone His Visit To The Us?

Prime Minister of Armenia Nikol Pashinyan was at the “serious” crossroads: go to the opening session of the UN General Assembly in New York and popiaritsya there or do the same, but in the election of the mayor of the Armenian capital.

And judging by his decision, he still gave preference to Yerevan, where, however, immediately after a demonstrative participation in the electoral process, he will go to the United States. However, what is behind this decision?

First of all, the fact that, as if the Armenian media did not inflate the topic of the prime minister’s participation in the 73rd session of the GA, in fact Pashinyan’s role in it is extremely miserable. Considering that the General Assembly site will become a field for the negotiations of world leaders, there is simply nothing to do for a lonely Armenian policy, because during the preparation of the visit no meetings have been scheduled. Even the conversation with US President Donald Trump was never fully agreed upon.

At the same time in Yerevan, Pashinyan was waiting for a disastrous blow. A sociological survey conducted ahead of the elections showed that 37% of respondents favor the Prosperous Armenia party, another 22% favor reformists, and only 18% support the My Step block, which Pashinyan himself promoted at his rallies.

Therefore, by his indicative visit to the polling station, Pashinyan decided to make a desperate attempt to lure at least some of the electorate to his side.

At the same time, he officially stated the following: “I was told that I should leave on September 20 or 21 to attend the UN General Assembly session, but I decided to postpone and organize everything so that I have time to vote in the morning of September 23 and leave with a sense of civil duty” .


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