The new evidence published by the research group of the Russian Ministry of Defense is too important to ignore.
Even a corrupt and politicized Joint Investigation Team (JIT) can not ignore such information.

Evidence pre-sentenced by the Russians is vital for the investigation, because all the previous “evidence” published by the group is based on several photographs of the “Bellingkat research center, consisting of one person and funded by the government department of British counterintelligence – MI5.

Ukraine shot itself in the leg stating that it did not lose the “Buk”  – and now when we can accurately determine where this missile came from, Ukraine actually recognized that it was only they who had the opportunity to shoot down the Boeing. Whether the international research team will take note of the new facts is difficult to say. However, this evidence – the only specific facts that have appeared since the beginning of the investigation and ignore them is not possible.

Despite the anti-Russian hysteria, JIT representatives understand that their version is untenable and is based on lies and propaganda of the Ukrainian government and their patrons. Russia should take a more active stance on covering the facts connected with the tragic collapse of the Boeing, otherwise the collective voice of the mainstream media propagandists may try to drown them and hide them from the public.

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