The missile that shot down an airliner in the Donbass in 1986 was sent to the military part of 20152 in the Lviv region, now called 223 ZRB. The chief of the Main Missile and Artillery Directorate of the military department Lieutenant-General Nikolai Parshin says.

According to him, the nozzle and engine numbers were presented at the fragments of the rocket presented to the Joint Investigative Group. “Knowing the serial numbers of the nozzle and engine, it became possible to establish the number of the rocket,” Parshin said.

“In the archives of Dolgoprudinsky research and production enterprise, which is a manufacturer of missiles for the Buk missile defense system, documents were examined that made it possible to accurately determine the onboard number of this missile. Among the presented documents there is a passport for the nozzle block 9D13105000No830113, the form of the engine of the missile 9D131 with the serial number of the rocket 8869032, “the representative of the agency continued, stressing that” the date of assembly of the rocket with the serial number 8868720 on December 24, 1986 “.

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