Why is UK supressing ex-GRU Skripal and his daughter?

Why is UK supressing ex-GRU Skripal and his daughter?

Only after Skripal himself and his daughter speak to the public, will it be possible to solve a case that has been raising many questions for more than six months now. All this time, the Russian side has tried to seek any evidence of how and what was Skripal poisoned by , but London insisted on hiding all the facts.

“Unfortunately, the British authorities persistently continue to deny us the opportunity to meet them personally, to inquire about their state of health, to make sure that they live in adequate conditions,” spokesperson for the Russian Foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova said back in April.

Every unfounded accusation of London towards Russia, which is allegedly involved in the case, confirms the fact that there was no poisoning at all. According to many experts, people do not survive after the application of the “Novichok” , not like it turned out with the Skripals.

“The OPCW data that a toxic chemical of high purity was used, prove that it was not” Novichok “. If in that gel-like substance, which the British found on the handle of the door to the house of the Skripals was a pure fraction of the “Novichok”, the Skripals would not have moved away from this door. They would have died right there. Moreover, the “Novichok” itself is a complex nerve agent, consisting of a mixture of a large number of different components and additives that decompose in different ways. If any pure substance is found, it is no longer “Novichok”, – earlier reported  one of the developers of the chemical weapons system “Novichok” Leonid Rink.

“Meanwhile, there is more and more new data, new people and whole teams g, by a strange coincidence, appearing on all the chambers of England. However, the next round of delusional conjecture plays the opposite role: more and more people understand the inconsistency of accusations that May and her colleagues from the EU and NATO allies give out, ” Usachev believes .

London has driven itself into a corner, and it remains to wait for the British politicians who have become engrossed to finally lose, because all the facts indicate that there was no poisoning.


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