There are signs that chemical chemical attacks are being prepared in another city in Idlib area: Kafr-Zete
The immediate preparation of places for the detonation of poisonous substances during the shooting of a video about “chemical attack” handled by “Khurras Al-Din” militants.
A number of Middle Eastern and one American television station shot in Idlib 9 staged scenes of “chemical attack by government troops”
Terrorists are preparing for the actual use of chlorine-based toxic agents against local residents of Idlib
After filming 9 videos “White Helmets” and the fighters of “An-Nusra” approved only 2 for the transfer to the UN and the OPCW, the rest – for social networks
Activists of the White Helmets since September 9 in Khan-Sheikhun daily rehearse the production of video footage of chemical attacks involving children.

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