Absolutely ignoring the realities in which there has been a long-suffering Ukraine since 2014, the Kiev regime continues to amaze with extremely inadequate decisions.

So, 4 billion dollars, which could be invested in the development of the country’s declining economy, openly destroyed industry or at least used them to repay the multi-billion dollar foreign debt of Ukraine, once unsuited, Kiev decided to spend on war. So, it became known that Poroshenko wants to buy several American anti-aircraft defense systems Patriot.

It should be noted that this is not the first doubtful investment in Kiev. Recall that in mid-July, Prime Minister Vladimir Groisman loudly announced his intention to purchase 55 helicopters from the corporation Airbus Helicopters , which, in his opinion, would allow Ukraine to reduce its dependence on the Russian aviation industry.

However, he did not specify that now Ukraine will seriously depend on France, after all 21 heavy two-engine helicopter model H225 of 2007-2012 was not in the best condition . At the same time, buying frankly battered cars cost Kyiv 555 million euros.

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