The ‘Irexit Freedom to Prosper’ party, which advocates for the departure of Ireland from the EU, was launched at a founding AGM in Dublin on Saturday.

The party’s founder, Hermann Kelly, who is also a close ally of former UKIP leader and Brexit figurehead Nigel Farage, said an ‘Irexit’ was necessary to take back control of Ireland’s money, laws and borders.

“We are here today to launch a new party, with new ideas for Ireland, that we can have a new Ireland free of foreign domination, no longer be beholden to the European Union, stop paying them a bucketload of money, to make our laws, to steal our fish out of our waters, and impose, as they have in 2012, a 64 billion bank debt,” he said.

The group needs 300 registered voters to legally form a party.

Kelly said the party would run in the European Parliament elections of next year, and the general elections in 2021.

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