Russia to continue fight against Idlib terrorists — diplomat

Russia to continue fight against Idlib terrorists — diplomat

Russia will continue fighting terrorists in Syria’s Idlib until their total elimination, Russian Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Mariz Zakharova stated on Wednesday.

“We consider it Russia’s duty to strictly adhere to the agreements [concerning the de-escalation zone in Idlib], and it will continue the fight against terrorists until their ultimate and total elimination,” she noted. “The Russian Aerospace Forces are conducting strikes on Idlib not for “aggressive” purposes, but for exterminating terrorist objects that are used in the increasing attacks on the Syrian army’s positions and the civilian population, as well as in the attacks on the Russian military, whose presence in Syria is requested by the lawful government of the country.”

She added that last Tuesday, the Russian aviation attacked targets in Idlib directly connected with the terrorists. “The Russian side will continue to act in this way in the future,” she added. “Moscow is working closely with the Turkish side, and we are taking joint measures to avoid civilian losses.”

Russia finds the calls to suspend the attacks on terrorists in Syria’s Idlib for an unspecified amount of time unacceptable, she said.

“All this imploring comes down to this: leaving the terrorists holding millions of people hostage in Idlib in peace indefinitely, and it is unacceptable,” she noted. “There can be no peace with the terrorists. Al-Qaeda followers that currently reside in Idlib cannot be allowed the opportunity to export terror across the region and the whole world, while remaining in safety.”

The diplomat noted that “the global threat in northwestern Syria must be eliminated”.

“We think that our partners should not hinder this process by contradictory signals,” Zakharova stressed. “Not to hinder it, but to accelerate it via de-linking the opposition squads from Nusra , who are ready to join the political process, and encourage them to form a local truce with the officials. This would be the best contribution to the cause of saving civilian lives, avoiding casualties and suffering among civilians, that we, the Russian Federation, would want to avoid more than anything.”.


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