German Interior Minister Horst Seehofer told the Rheinische Post newspaper on Thursday that he would join the protests in Chemnitz if he was not a minister.

“There is a lot of… outrage in the population about this murder, as I understand. If I were not a minister, I would have taken to the streets as a citizen, of course, not together with radicals,” Seehofer told the media.

The minister stressed that there was zero tolerance towards the forces that used this incident to incite violence.

Earlier, a 35-year-old German citizen Daniel Hillig was stabbed to death in a fight on August 26. His death led to several rallies in Chemnitz. On August 27, two rallies were held in the center of Chemnitz, an anti-Nazi gathering and a protest organized by Pro Chemnitz movement. A number of right-wing radicals were demanding that all undocumented migrants be deported.

According to media reports, citing local police, 18 people, including three police officers, have been injured in the Chemnitz demonstrations, while hundreds have been detained.

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