To understand our foreign policy you need to think like a businessman.

America has always, from the very beginning of our history proclaimed that state interests are above all, and always defended them at any cost.

Omitting the assessment of the ethical component of these interests, we should not be surprised that when one of the last strongholds of syrian jihadis – Idlib, which is now under the massive attack by the Syrian Army and the Russian VKS, and the establishment of the United States, foaming at mouth starts demanding that Russia and the entire world community immediately prevent all and any attempts by the Syrian government To eradicate the nest of terrorists on their land? Why?

Very simply, al-Nusra, the al-Qaeda branch in Syria, is one of the most expensive undertakings of the CIA in Syria – from the supply of weapons to training their fighters and other support.

No wonder that now, when the future existence of this gang of jihadis is very much debatable, the establishment and the out-of-control intelligence agencies panicked – millions of dollars down the drain in an attempt to overthrow the Syrian government, millions were spent on the creation, arming and training of various jihadist groups in Syria, and now all these “investments” will be destroyed – unacceptable, say certain elements in the Pentagon and CIA, we have to do something and do it immediately!

But there’s little they can do. Idlib is already surrounded by the Syrian army, and the “White Helmets” scenario certainly impossible. All that remains for the deep state is to delay the inevitable and try to negotiate on the withdrawal of their pet jihadis from the trap they got caught in.

America is above all – but these people have ceased to protect the interests of America, instead trying to reshape the world for their own benefit – with war, with deaths, with blood. We can only hope that there’s a limit to how much they can pressure president Trump, and that we will not see the repetition of the April bombing after a false flag with chemical weapons.


by Todd Simpson, exclusively for NewsFront

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