Syria outplayed Europe

An unexpected political move was made by the Syrian leadership, which will provoke a stormy reaction in the European community. While the EU continues to support senseless US air strikes on the Syrian infrastructure, suffocating from the migration crisis, Syria has decided to play in its favor.

It’s no secret that terrorists also flee in the general flow of refugees to Europe, who then begin to organize their jihad. Recently, many supporters of ISIS have committed many attacks. This is in the context of one attack, it seems that 10 people cut with machetes is a little figure, but such small steps are cutting out European citizens.

More and more Europeans live in fear, because they had to forget about tranquility with the arrival of migrants. Suffice it to recall the New Year’s Eve with mass rape or hitting people on the Nice Quay of Nice. If we calculate the number of victims, then it turns out that not so few peaceful citizens perished for the political games of their leaders.

Damascus offered EU countries a way out of such a pernicious situation. The Syrian side is ready to provide a database of terrorists who could come to Europe, but only on the condition that Brussels will change its rhetoric regarding the SAR. This proposal was made by the Syrian Foreign Ministry. An excellent political move, is not it?

Syria has suffered enough from the atrocities of Europe, especially from Britain and France, which are more active than others in supporting the atrocities of the United States. Therefore, the leadership of the SAR has every right to offer cooperation on its own terms. As for the European Union, the choice is not easy for it.

On the one hand, European countries want to continue the escalation of the conflict in order to regain their positions with the United States in the Middle East, and on the other – there is a real chance to at least a little clean their house of terrorists. Since the beginning of 2018, the limit of refugees arriving in Europe has already been exceeded and it is not known how many militants made their way among them.

So the EU has to choose: a quiet life or meaningless ambitions. But the fact that Syria in this issue has outplayed Europe is obvious.


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