By the brutal murder of the Donetsk leader Alexander Zakharchenko, the Kiev regime is trying to destroy hope and spirit in the inhabitants, but the effect will be quite the opposite. This opinion was expressed by the French activist and blogger Monique Gimenez in an exclusive commentary for the NewsFront.

She also emphasizes that the West was the main culprit of the bloody war in the Donbass: “The leaders of the Western countries are the main culprits of this chaos. The Ukrainian government, which came as a result of the coup of 2014, is only a link.”

“Was this murder committed, because the Ukrainian army could not win the Donbass, despite military aid from the United States and Canada? Perhaps they thought that by killing a leader, they would be able to disrupt the resistance of the republics, to facilitate the victory in the war. I think that this murder is likely to provoke the opposite effect from the desired goal, further strengthening the population of the two republics and their armies so that they would fight together in memory of the heroes of Donbass,” Monique Gimenez said.

“At this tragic moment, I have a special thought for these people who, I am sure, will overcome this painful hour. I send them my deepest condolences, I pledge my full support and believe in their victory. He (Zakharchenko – Ed.) will continue to live, like other heroes, in the spirit and heart of citizens of the two republics,” she summed up.

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