Finland: Macron and Sipila agree key initiatives in defence, AI


French President Emmanuel Macron and Finnish Prime Minister Juha Sipila announced a number of key initiatives on EU defence and Artificial Intelligence during a press conference in Helsinki with on Thursday.

Macron also hit back at nationalist politicians who blame Europe for all their shortcomings, saying: “We must not give in to those who want to take it [Europe] hostage, to the demagogy of those who say that the problems come from Europe. A bridge collapse? It’s Europe’s fault.Are you worried about migrations from Africa? It’s Europe’s fault. These are, not what are called populist, but are nationalist demagogues.”

The Finnish PM agreed with Macron and said that he is a good example to follow: “President Macron showed a good example and many points that he recalled. And we have to be capable of taking these points and to promote them.”