Armenia under threat: Parliament commented on Pashinyan’s words

Armenia under threat: Parliament commented on Pashinyan's words

The loud statements of the Prime Minister of Armenia Nikol Pashinyan speak only about the fact that everything in the country has been under threat: from the social and political life to the constitutional and legal relations of the authorities.

Such a statement was made by the Speaker of the Armenian Parliament, Ara Babloyan, commenting on the statements of the head of government after the rally on Friday, August 17.

According to the head of the national assembly, speaking of constitutional reforms, Pashinyan openly presses on the parliament of the republic. Moreover, Babloyan is concerned that from now on all dissidents can be threatened with persecution by the National Security Service.

Against this background, the head of the legislative body intends to hold a meeting with the president of the country and the head of government himself, human rights defenders, as well as representatives of the Supreme Judicial Council and international diplomatic missions.

“Social and political life, constitutional and legal relations between state authorities and public solidarity are under threat. I observe dangerous tendencies in the division of society into opposing groups of supporters of revolution and counter-revolution with the manifestation of intolerance,” Ara Babloyan said.

According to him, the statements of Nikol Pashinyan at the rally “are in conflict with Armenia’s international obligations on the construction of a legal and democratic state.”

He emphasizes that for “transitional justice”, which the Prime Minister intends to introduce, there is an absolutely unlawful intention to make laws retroactive.

“The possible conduct of constitutional changes in the National Assembly by the head of the executive branch, under threat of reaching the goal at any cost, is a direct pressure against the legislative power,” the speaker of the Armenian parliament stated.

As previously stated by the chairman of the Chamber of Advocates of Armenia Ara Zohrabyan, Pashinyan’s statements diverge from the Constitution of the country. According to the lawyer, Pashinyan should only approve his transitional justice, he can be judged according to article 300.1 of the Criminal Code, accusing of overthrowing the constitutional order, that is, the actual termination of the constitutional norms.


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