Pashinyan’s ‘Plan B’: How PM plans to retain power?

Pashinyan's 'Plan B': How PM plans to retain power?

Earlier, he announced his readiness to accept resignation in the framework of the legislation before the parliamentary elections but now the revolutionary Prime Minister of Armenia Nikol Pashinyan suddenly rethought his decisions.

At the rally, which the head of government organized in honor of 100 days in power, Pashinyan stated his intentions to stay at the post of prime minister, for which he is even ready to rewrite the Constitution of the state. 

“Early elections should be held in Armenia. Given the current constitutional possibilities, I must resign for their conduct and the parliament … will be dissolved,” Pashinyan said at the rally, adding that he would not allow his opponents to choose another prime minister.

“They do not understand this, we will make constitutional amendments,” he stressed, noting that their essence will be such that “extraordinary parliamentary elections can be held without the condition of the resignation of the incumbent prime minister.”


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