Many Grantham and Stamford Conservatives are ‘unhappy’ with Theresa May’s plans for a ‘soft’ Brexit.

After the Prime Minister released her Chequers proposals a few weeks ago, Grantham MP Nick Boles agreed to a request from the constituency association to give an update.

Association chairman Philip Sagar told the Journal: “We were reassured it was the only deal on the table. There were a lot of people unhappy locally.”

Members, including Mr Sagar, were also upset David Davis, who gave a popular and reassuring speech at an association dinner earlier this year had been “sidelined” by the government. The PM’s proposals led to the resignations of Mr Davis and Boris Johnson from the cabinet, with national reports of people leaving the Conservatives and joining UKIP, whose poll ratings have more than doubled.

However, Mr Sagar says in recent weeks the Grantham & Stamford Association, which has ‘hundreds’ of members and is ‘one of the strongest in the country’, has seen an increase in its membership.

He explained: “Many people want to have a say in the leadership of the Conservative Party. Many have great concerns over Theresa May.”

Mr Sagar says his association has received letters both for and against Mrs May. He still supported the PM but warned: “Theresa May shouldn’t give any more concessions. A ‘No Deal’ Brexit is better than a bad deal. At the minute, she has my support but if she goes further with Chequers…”

When further questioned, Mr Sagar said ‘some members’ are unhappy with Nick Boles for voting Remain, but the MP accepts his ‘employers’ want to leave the EU, and had left hospital in a wheelchair when battling cancer last year to vote for Article 50. “He will support the PM. There is no way Nick is an Anna Soubry or Ken Clarke.”

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