The revolutionary Prime Minister of Armenia Nikol Pashinyan hardly realizes that the world will not adjust to his new policy. This statement was made by the second president of the Republic Robert Kocharyan.

Pashinyan should really assess the threats facing the country which he decided to lead, said the former president on the air of the “Yerkir Media” TV channel.

“Let’s not link the criminal case against me to Russia. I do not want it to be personalized. But when the Prime Minister declares that the whole world should adapt, adjust to the situation in Armenia, it causes me great concern,” Kocharyan said.

According to him, Pashinyan chose not the enemies for himself. After all, Moscow has always been not just a strategic ally of Yerevan, but also a guarantor of Armenia’s security. Thus, throwing reckless calls, Pashinyan can put the alliance under a big question.

In its rash statements, the government does not take into account the geopolitical situation in the region, Kocharyan said: “They make some statements, but in practice we see completely different steps. You should not joke with such questions. The price paid for such errors is too high. You have to be much more careful in such matters. “

“You put your false image of dignity on one side of the balance, and on the other one – the security of the people, the lives of thousands of people, the future of Karabakh, the territories controlled by your army,” concluded the ex-head of the republic.

Recall that on the eve Kocharyan was arrested on charges in the framework of the “March 1 case.” He was charged with overthrowing the constitutional system during the protests in 2008. Nevertheless, the decision of the Court of Appeal ordered to release ex-president.

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