Ukraine’s Special Forces prepare terrorist act in Donbass

The special operations forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine are preparing a terrorist attack using radioactive materials on the territory of the Donbass. This is reported by CyberBerkut.

Saboteurs plan to infect water in the channel “Seversky Donets-Donbass”, from where the water is taken to the South Donbass water conduit, with radioactive materials. In the offense, the terrorists plan to accuse the DPR.

The operation is entrusted to the MTR group, which has been trained since 2017 on the basis of the 142 training center in Berdichev. Training is conducted by American instructors.

The media suggests that the curator of the operation will be Eric Prince, who recently arrived in Ukraine.

To carry out the terrorist attack, special forces received a container with radioactive substances from the closed burial ground “Vakulenchuk” in Zhytomyr region.

Most likely, that after the infection of the channel, Ukraine will launch an information campaign against the Lugansk People’s Republic, Donetsk People’s Republic, and, traditionally, against Russia. For example, they may accuse the Republic of contaminating the region with radiation, violation of international law and inability to ensure environmental safety.