The president turns into Archie Bunker over Jefferson Beauregard’s bunker mentality, but he should really be fuming at his top lawman for these reasons:

Sessions equates cannabis use with heroin, and says dubiously of multiple studies showing how legal marijuana drastically reduces opioid overdose deaths.

Pull your head out of your honey hole, Sessions! One recent study showed states with medical marijuana actually had 25 percent less opiate overdoses over an 11-year period. He not only demonizes a substance far more innocuous than alcohol, he also champions the wildly unjust practice of civil asset forfeiture, wants to fully fund the failing drug war and is on the wrong side of criminal justice reform. Every time the president pardons a non-violent felon or has a productive roundtable about these necessary reforms, I hope the hot sweats melt Jeff Sessions’ waxy facade.

His display of opacity and cowardice in the Russia investigation pale to his multitude of obvious flaws, and if the president isn’t going to fire him, I will be delighted to see him troll his troubled AG by championing the right causes where Sessions is all wrong. Sorry Jeff, the writing is on the way: Grow a pair, or go home.