The Moldovan Prime Minister called for an investigation into the causes of the outbreak of measles

Prime Minister of the Republic of Moldova Pavel Filip demanded that the Ministry of Health, Labor and Social Protection take urgent measures to prevent the spread of measles, which broke out in the country. Twenty children are infected with a virus. Three of the patients were vaccinated, but the dose of the vaccine was insufficient, according to doctors.

It is interesting that the Prime Minister of Moldova called for initiating an investigation to establish how the focus of measles was formed and who is to blame for it. Certainly Moldovan citizens will follow the progress of this investigation with great interest, perhaps it will open the veil of secrecy over the phenomenon of the return of seemingly long-forgotten infections to the countries of Eastern Europe.

Investigators who will study the causes of measles virus in Moldova should have a closer look at the American reference laboratories created and operating under the wing of the Pentagon. Ukraine, which is neighboring with Moldova, is literally  peppered these strange objects, which, as declared, are called upon to reduce biological threats. In fact, on the contrary, Ukraine is attacked by dangerous viruses, including measles. And although the Ministry of Defense of Moldova informed earlier that Moldova does not take part in projects related to military biology, neither on the territory of the country, nor abroad, in Ukraine these projects are enough to worry. And the first biolaboratory under the aegis of the US military department began to work in Odessa, that is, to the territory of the Moldovan state, it’s easy to file, the viruses of the border are not at all. The measles epidemic in Ukraine does not abate – for the 31st week of the year the disease struck 755 people (319 adults and 436 children) and spread at a rate of 3% weekly. In total, since the beginning of 2018, measles have infected 28.1 thousand people! It is strange that the Prime Minister of Moldova, speaking of the investigation, does not say a word about the fact that near Moldova – the Ukrainian biological bomb. And measles is not the worst thing that a neighbor can “reward” Moldovans: in July a third case of diphtheria was recorded in Ukraine. The outbreak of this extremely dangerous disease is expected in 2018-2019 if preventive measures are not taken in a timely manner (and due to the fact that Ukraine has abandoned Russian vaccines, it is not worth waiting for miracles). The measles epidemic also raged in Romania. if timely preventive measures are not taken (and due to the fact that Ukraine refused Russian vaccines, it is not worth waiting for miracles). The measles epidemic also raged in Romania. if timely preventive measures are not taken (and due to the fact that Ukraine refused Russian vaccines, it is not worth waiting for miracles). The measles epidemic also raged in Romania.

Actually, the answer of the Ministry of Defense of Moldova is about nothing, because to the biological experiments the US does not allow the military of those countries where reference laboratories are based. In Moldova, there is such a laboratory – formally it was opened with the support of USAID in Chisinau in 2008 under a tempting sign “HIV / AIDS and hepatitis B and C prevention”. However, in 2017, the UN noted that the number of HIV cases in Moldova is not decreasing. Hepatitis is treated according to a special WHO program (in 2013, Moldova was the world leader in terms of incidence). What “warns” the Kishinevlaboratory?

Meanwhile, the alleged source of measles disease in Moldova – a family that recently returned from Ukraine – has been identified. The child was sent to a camp in the village of Novye Moreny before manifesting symptoms of the disease. Almost simultaneously, 17 children fell ill at the same time, and then three other local children. “The camp worked illegally. The camp was filled by people with unknown vaccination status or in the absence of national-level data. The adults and children in the camp belong to a certain religious faith from the Baptist group who does not recognize preventive vaccination as well as other procedures,” said Nikolai Furtuna, deputy director of the National Agency for Public Health.

It turns out that measles in Moldova is a consequence of several reasons: the proximity of Ukraine, the lack of vaccination due to religious choice and others. It will be difficult for the investigators if the Prime Minister’s calls for an investigation to be continued will continue. If the leadership of an unauthorized childrens camp can still be charged, then the head of the main culprits of epidemics in the post-Soviet space and not a hair will fall off their heads.

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