The Venezuelan authorities have issued seven more arrest warrants for people suspected of links to an attempt on the life of Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro, AVN news agency reported, citing Interior Minister Nestor Reverol.
According to Venezuelan Information Minister Jorge Rodriguez, two explosives-laden drones were launched last Saturday in the direction of the stands in Caracas where Maduro was watching a parade. Seven members of honor guard were injured, the president remained unscathed.

The suspects may have been involved in funding, paying for hotels and otherwise supporting those who carried out the apparent assassination attempt in Caracas, the AVN news agency reported Thursday.

According to the minister, 10 suspects have been detained, and there have been warrants or extradition requests issued for 11 more. One of the people that the authorities are looking for is Julio Borges, a member of the parliament who had been stripped of parliamentary immunity and is currently in Colombia.

A total of 25 people are being investigated over alleged ties to the assassination attempt, the minister said.

Venezuela has already turned to Colombia and the United States with a request for extradition of suspects. Maduro has put the blame on the opposition and Juan Manuel Santos, who at the time of the attack was Colombian president. The Colombian authorities have denied Bogota’s involvement.

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