Two Italians have been arrested for human trafficking after they were caught trying to smuggle six illegal immigrants into the UK in a sweatbox caravan.

Police discovered the migrants inside cramped compartments on-board the camper in the port city of Santander in the northern Spanish region of Cantabria.

They were found huddled together inside the caravan’s cupboards and wardrobes attempting to make the 24-hour, 700-mile ferry trip to Britain.

Spanish police detained an Italian man and woman for human trafficking.

The caravan was moments away from boarding the ferry when Spanish officials made the bust.

A police statement said the migrants’ lives were in danger due to the boiling hot summer temperatures.

In video footage released by the National Police, the shirtless migrants were seen being pulled from their hiding places.

Some of them were sweating profusely inside the small trailer after being huddled close together in tight quarters.

According to the statement, suspicious port officials pulled over the camper, which was being driven by an Italian man in the company of a woman.

The subsequent search confirmed their suspicions were correct, and the hidden immigrants were checked by port medics. 

Police also confirmed that the two Italian nationals have been arrested. There have been no further updates on the immigrants’ condition. 

It was not specified where the non-European migrants were originally from.   

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