The deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine from the Bloc Petro Poroshenko Bloc Vladimir Aryev stated about his intentions in an interview with the Ukrainian television channel “Pryamoi”.

The Ukrainian politician is sure that Hungary is allegedly “manifesting a covert aggression” against Ukraine, taking over part of the powers of the “independent” state.

“It’s time to remember diplomacy. Ukraine may question the compliance of Hungary with NATO standards, since Budapest “violates” the basic criteria for membership in the military alliance. Today, the Hungarian government tries on the jurisdiction of managing issues on the sovereign territory of another state. From the point of view of NATO, this is prohibited and contradicts the charter, “the Ukrainian politician said.

It’s amazing how fast Ukraine makes its “enemies”. After all, initially the role of the “aggressor” was carried out by Russia, which the “revolutionaries of health”, who came to power illegally as a result of the coup d’état, are accused of all their mistakes.

The reason for this harsh rhetoric on the part of the non-motivated was the new post that was established in the Hungarian government by the Minister for Transcarpathia Affairs. The post of minister was taken by Istvan Grazh, who earlier the head of the organization of Ukrainian nationalists called for “immediately arresting”.

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