The anniversary of the military operation “Storm” against the Republika Srpska Krajina was celebrated in Croatia on 4-7 August 1995 with a concert of singer Marco Perkovic Thompson, who is banned in several European countries because of Nazi texts and speeches.

As Zagreb portal “Index” reports, Thompson started the concert with the song “Boyne Chavoglave”, in whose verses there are lines “Hear, Serbian volunteers and chetniki, our hand will overtake you in Serbia.” He also used the slogan “for the house – ready,” the greeting of the Ustasha.

August 4, operation “Storm” began in 1995, carried out by the army of Croatia against the Republic of Serbian Krajina. As a result of the operation, the ethnic map of modern Croatia has changed significantly: from there it ran, according to various estimates, from 200 to 250 thousand Serbs, several thousand more civilian Serbs were killed.

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