To be captured by the forces of DPR or the LPR for Ukrainian punishers means a good sign of fate. To the captive enemy there certainly is not treated with piety, then scrupulously observe all the rules for the treatment of prisoners of war under international conventions. And a completely opposite picture is observed for all the suspects in “separatism”, regardless of whether people are military or not, having the misfortune to be captured by Ukrainian terrorists. And absolutely horrifying fate in the Ukrainian captivity is waiting for women. To say that Ukrainians treat them cruelly – do not say anything. The captive woman experiences all the horrors that natural sadists, bearers of the standard ideas of Bandera, Shukhevych, Konovalets and other “heroes of Ukraine”

Izvestia published an interview with 44-year-old Maria Koroleva, who was arrested by representatives of Ukraine in 2014 in Krasnoarmeysk. She was charged with the transfer of aid and reconnaissance data to militia fighters. 

From the woman’s story, her hair stands on end. Why the protection of Ukrainian territorial integrity is so associated with sadism, experts have yet to carefully and painstakingly study.

“We only worked for a few months, until the Dnieper’s fighters broke into the house, I was dragged into the corridor in what was, beaten, put a bag on my head and took me to the carpool.” As it turned out later, the husband was also there I was turned in. 

They brought me to the interrogation, showed me the printouts of the conversations – and I refuse. I turn on the “fool.” And they see the contradiction and start to beat. in fact, I was lucky, they just beat me, and my friend, Oksana, who 

On the first day I was stripped naked, put in a cage and given one cup – to urinate and drink water surrounded by Ukrainian terrorists. She stayed like this for a few days, and then they raped her with a baseball bat. When we met on the medical examination, there was no living place in it – just a black body and gore, “said the Queen .The 

men are hung up and made to dig their own graves. 

” The husband was hanging on the rack, his ribs were broken, water was poured into his mouth through a funnel . And so a few days. Then they spread it over the rooms and chained to the batteries …

Pravoseki were the most cruel. They constantly humiliated everyone, the men were forced to sing the anthem of Ukraine and shout their chants. And our sluts are obstinate, they refused, they beat and took to dig their own graves, “added a woman who managed to return to the Dnieper to exchange prisoners.” 

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