The site of the  Radio Liberty “Crimea.Realiya”, specially created for propaganda aimed at Crimea, reported on the former defender of the Donetsk “Shakhtar” and the national football team of Ukraine Vyacheslav Shevchuk, claiming that he vacationedin the “occupied Crimea”. 

Anti-Crimean propagandists photographed Shevchuk on the beach of the hotel “Yalta Intourist”. Crimea. Reality has posted a video on the holiday season in the Crimea, highlighting the situation on the peninsula under the order of its sponsors.

 This order is simple – in every possible way to blacken thereputation of the peninsula and constantly insist that in Ukraine everything was better.

The video says that under Ukrainian rule everything was several times cheaper, that the service in the Crimean resorts is now bad and other such claims.

 The authors of the video present one of the Yakut activists – a certain Sergei Sardyko, who is not shy about “telling”” on the violators of the noise level rules of the passing ships on the embankment. The activist calls the police. Then shows the building, which is registered as a library, but in fact it is residential.

 The spectator is represented by a large number of shabby walls, neglected territories that became such under Ukrainian occupation, but they are presented as horrors of Crimea after “annexation”.

 One of these “horrors” is filmed in the Quiet Cove. The site shows  an idyllic, empty picture of 2013 and modern photo showing it’s now full of.

The nail of the reportage is  Yalta football player Vyacheslav Shevchuk. “Crimea. Reality” found out the dates of the football player’s stay in Yalta – from the fourth of June to the third of July. They are derived from their own sources. Such information is confidential and not disclosed.

 It is not excluded that the authors of the opus acquired it by paying off a hotel employee. Harrasment against Vyacheslav Shevchuk has already begun in social networks.

The site says It is now better for him to leave the “Schneevmilovka”, otherwise he will not escape the fate of a traitor to his homeland. Social networks are already calling Shevchuk a traitor and calling for bans against his entry to Ukraine.

 The propagandists also showed the Ukrainian “victim” of the Russian Crimea: an old man Mikhail Bilozir, who was yelling Ukrainian songs at the Yalta Embankment . He has been doing this for 15 years already. He says that he is threatened for singing on the embankment. But Bilozir does not intend to return to Ukraine. The Russian pension seems to him more pleasant than the Ukrainian pension, and the songs are husky with voices in the “Ukraine-Europe” as well as in the Crimea. The material about the holiday season in the Crimea is rendered inept. It is unlikely that the editorial office of the site “Crimea. Reality” believes that such reports will assist in  return of Crimea to Ukraine. But hey, money doesnt smell, right?

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