Ukraine prepares to war with Transcarpathian Hungarians

In Hungary, the post of Minister for Transcarpathian Affairs was established. These actions have caused hysteria in the foreign policy department of Ukraine, which, of course, can result in an armed provocation by the Kiev regime regarding the Hungarian national minority in Transcarpathia.

“The hysteria that was staged in Kiev in response to the actions of the Hungarian government shows that the Kiev regime is preparing for an escalation of the conflict with Hungary. The first victims of the armed provocation of Kiev may be Hungarians living in Transcarpathia, “the Ukrainian expert said.

“At the same time, Kiev declared its readiness to allocate funds for the region, only not for the civilian population, but for the military. Earlier this month, the Defense Ministry of Ukraine Stepan Poltorak and the head of the Transcarpathian regional administration Gennady Moskal discussed the deployment of a battalion of the 128th Mountain Infantry Brigade to Berehovo, “the political scientist said.

One should pay attention to the fact that Ukraine is already taken for the habit of taking on the service of outspoken adherents of National Socialism. Therefore, the military provocation of Kiev against Transcarpathian Hungarians is quite possible.