Intel Leak reveals Bellingcat funded by British Intelligence

Intel Leak reveals Bellingcat funded by British Intelligence

Bellingcat investigative portal was funded by MI6. This was reported by the NTV channel referring to the WikiLeaks private correspondence published in the Internet.

Bellingcat pays great attention not only to the destruction of the Malaysian Boeing in the Donbass, but also, together with the White Helmets movement, participated in disinformation about the events in Donbass and Syria. In the summer of 2014, the founder of the portal Elliot Higgins presented unconfirmed audio recordings of telephone conversations, publications on the Internet and fuzzy photos as evidence of the Russian leadership’s involvement in the crash of the plane and the death of passengers. 

Similar methods are used by the “White Helmets” associated with the governments of Western countries and their competent authorities. According to experts, Bellingcat and similar sites are used to organize “information outfits.”

“The involvement of MI6 in questionable activities of Bellingcat can mean that British intelligence has a direct relationship to creating a negative image of Russia in the world,” the television channel said.  

Meanwhile, the hunt for the leader of WikiLeaks continues, which may force him to leave his current shelter. For the publication of secret documents of the US diplomatic pouch, from which sensational facts about the activities of not only the American special services became known, Julian Assange can be tortured, life imprisoned or the death penalty in the USA. 


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