The US president has been dealing with accusations of having ties with Russia and of being too “soft” on its president, while Trump himself has claimed he’s been the hardest on Putin of all US presidents.
Ron Reagan, the son of the 40th US president has suggested during an interview with MSNBC that if Vladimir Putin ran for the US presidency, he would win over any democrat in the eyes of Donald Trump’s supporters.

“If we were left just to Donald Trump’s base they would elect Vladimir Putin as president of the US over virtually anybody with a D after their name. […] It goes hand in hand — if Trump seems to love Putin, they will love Putin too,” Ron Reagan said.

Reagan further added that most of the sitting US president’s base has lost “touch with reality” and are ready to forgive Trump any missteps as long as he “seems to hate the same people that they hate.” Reagan has called this phenomenon “Trump derangement syndrome.”

US President Trump and his team have been under scrutiny over allegations of Russian meddling in the US presidential elections and possible collision between Moscow and Trump prior to the 2016 elections. Special Counsel Robert Mueller has been conducting an investigation into the allegations, but has thus far found no proof of collusion.

The current occupant of the White House has been accused on multiple occasions of being too “soft” with the Russian president. Trump believes that no president prior to him was ever so “hard” on Putin and even said that he will be the Kremlin chief’s “worst enemy,” if the two countries fail to improve their relations.

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