Trump EU meeting: Live joint statements with Jean-Claude Juncker from White House Rose Garden


After trade talks at the White House, President Trump and the European Commission President hold an impromptu joint appearance.

President Trump met with European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker at the White House Wednesday, as tensions remain high over tariffs. During their Oval Office meeting, Mr. Trump said he expects something “very positive to take place” during their discussions, but was adamant that a “level playing field” is needed for U.S. farmers and manufacturers.

We want to have a fair deal and we’re looking to have a fair trade deal and hopefully we can work something out,” the president told reporters. He said that the U.S. also wants a “big beneficiary frankly to be the EU so we think it can be good for everybody.”

Mr. Trump imposed a 25-percent tariff on steel and a 10-percent tariff on aluminum imported from the European Union in June, and the EU retaliated with “rebalancing” tariffs on U.S. steel, agriculture and other products soon after.

Juncker, meanwhile, urged the president to work together on the issue of trade, saying the two leaders “have to talk to one another not at one another.”