Ukraine and Poland continue fraternal “reunification”. This is especially pronounced in Poland. Poles demonstrate “joy”, because they were allowed to get their ancestral relatives in their arms.

According to Polish media, in Warsaw, the controller nearly broke his hand to the Ukrainian, who turned out to be a “hare” and did not get a ticket for transportation . The police officers who arrived at the scene were very rude and demanded from her to speak with them in Polish. The squabble of 32-year-old Alla from Ukraine with the controller and the police ended with her visit to the hospital.

Ukrainka told reporters that in the summer she always rides a bicycle, and uses a travel card only in “off-season.” Ukrainka was forced to board the bus, as she stated, she was wearing high-heeled shoes. She realized that she had forgotten the travel card on the bus. According to the version of 32-year-old Alla, after the controller saw her foreign passport, immediately became aggressive.

The dispute continued at the nearest stop. According to the Ukrainian version, the controller jerked her by the jacket, then by the hand and she felt a pain in her wrist. The scene was attended by Polish police. After a long dispute with the police, the girl was sent to the hospital. The result is a stretching of the ligaments of the wrist, a bruise of the sore thumb. On the arm had to impose a cast.

After the police received a complaint from the Ukrainian woman, the police representative Mariusz Mrozek tried to blame the girl, who according to him “swung the rights” against the Polish police and the controller.

It is noteworthy that on one of the Polish portals, most bloggers and Internet users supported the actions of their police and controller. Based on angry comments on the Ukrainian women, we can conclude that the intolerance of the Poles to Ukrainians continues to grow steadily.

This is not the only Polish-Ukrainian incident of our time. “Radio ZET” published a video in which the Pole complains about the policemen who demanded that his Ukrainian wife “fall to Ukraine”. The reason for such a tough attitude on the part of Polish police was the trade in fruit, which was carried out without a proper permit.

“Go back to Ukraine. You are a Ukrainian, which means that you are nobody! “- the woman heard such words not from simple Poles, but from representatives of the authorities – policemen.

Member of the leadership of the Association of Ukrainians in Poland, Igor Khorkov noted that Ukrainians often “encountered violence from the Poles”.

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