LPR intelligence has found out the location of the NATO division in the occupied Stanichno-Luhansky area. This was announced today at a briefing by the People’s Militia Colonel Mikhail Filiponenko.

“We have established that near the village of Alexandrovka Stanichno-Lugansk district in the forest is a base on which a well-equipped and technically equipped NATO unit is deployed,” he said.

“Western instructors are training VSU soldiers in the real situation, using the positions of the Nazi battalions and their troops as targets of the enemy. At the same time, such raids and ambushes are used to accuse the People’s Militia of violating the “grain ceasefire,” the representative of the Defense Ministry said.

“The intensity with which foreign experts visit military facilities indicates that Western countries actively use Ukraine as a testing ground for promising methods of conducting military operations and testing new models of weapons and military equipment,” he stressed.

The Colonel also said that “about a platoon of foreign militants” from the Baltic countries and Eastern Europe is stationed in the Svetlodarsk area.