The insolent lies of the leader of the Ukraine’s leader Poroshenko about his alleged successful personal meeting with Donald Trump in Brussels, not confirmed by any photo, in a combination with his dull verbiage in the empty Brussels hall about the allegedly inevitable entry of Ukraine into the European Union and NATO, which is more eloquently characterized by a complete deadlock of events.

The Kiev regime is already a political corpse, although it does pretend that it does not know about it.

The main inspirer and sponsor – the US authorities are now much more concerned with finding a new role and place in a rapidly changing world. And if they continue to depict extreme militancy and determination, even small children know that the bark is worse than it’s bite.

US, in spite of their nostalgia for undivided world power, have to reckon with the realities of this new world. Their main task today is to ensure, if possible, a more smooth reconfiguration of world geopolitics. To ensure that the natural curtailment of the American geopolitical sphere of influence did not take place in a landslide regime and without the risk of complete “loss of face” 

That’s why a smooth descent on the brakes of the “American world” and replacing it with something more humane, balanced and not so burdensome for America itself  is exactly what we are most likely to observe in the coming years.

And, of course, those who are naively waiting for tomorrow’s meeting between Trump and Putin to solve some global issues and introduce breakthrough initiatives can relax. 

Moreover, it is unlikely that the two leaders will be able to talk frankly with each other. In the conditions of total and, in the American case, unfriendly relation to their own president, both sides will surely be forced to confine themselves to quite traditional official rhetoric. Nevertheless, even this meeting may well be perceived precisely as a sign of those inevitable changes, as mentioned above, and as such it will help unlock many processes leading to a smooth reformatting of the world.

Including the process of Ukraine. Among the many, obviously not accidental, leaks of information that, it is expected, happened these days, the remark of the head of the European Council Tusk on Trump’s attitude to Ukraine:

  “In several conversations President Trump did not hide with me that he is less enthusiastic about Ukraine and more understanding of what Russia has done in Ukraine. ” 

For Trump, this fatigue is a natural derivative of the already overwhelming global imperial burden for his country. And for Tusk, which is even more interesting, this sounds like a sign of hope for the possibility of future geopolitical changes that would be very favorable for Poland. After all, the artificial state of Ukraine is, from the Polish point of view, nothing more than the main obstacle to Poland’s return to its historical borders, from the sea to the sea, that is, from the Baltic to the Black sea.

However, Polish ambitions towards Ukraine can be regarded in Moscow just as well. Accordingly, both extremes do not lead to that smooth reformatting, in which the United States is interested. In this regard, the Helsinki summit may, with respect to Ukraine, give a green light to the search for options that preclude drastic changes in the geopolitical status of this territory.

Meanwhile, in this context, the points of contact of the positions of all major players can be found, except, perhaps, of the current Kiev regime and those extremist circles with which it is inextricably linked. A certain part of the political class of Ukraine itself is fully aware of the dangerous deadlock of the current course and the futility of that ruling group that personifies it. This is indicated by the diversions of the negative assessments of the Ukrainian situation from the side of authorized media “flush tanks”, such as the notorious Gordon, as well as the frequent backstage contacts of a number of local politicians and financiers.

And although at tomorrow’s summit, it is most likely that no fateful decisions will be made in Ukraine, it is likely that after its completion, a new roadmap for resolving the Ukrainian crisis, timed to the next elections in Ukraine in the spring of 2019, will begin.

This is all the more likely that for the current US this is the only way to get out of the Ukrainian quagmire in a smooth way, preserving the face and global prestige. In the event that Washington again tries to bet on  Kiev extremists and the current regime under their control, the matter will end with another great war in the Donbass with the prospect of a direct military clash between Ukraine and the rest of Russia.

To this catastrophic development of the situation, neither the US nor Europe are ready. Moreover, to break it in their favor they will have to directly intervene in this military conflict. Which is completely unacceptable for the West and completely contradicts the logic of the smooth reconfiguration of the world, to which Trump is increasingly inclined.

The complete surrender of Ukraine to the West by Russia is also completely excluded. And the point here is not even the unity of the Russian world and similar emotions, but in the fundamental interests of the military-strategic security of the Russian Federation itself, which, in case of the concession of the Ukrainian presumption to the West, will suffer the most catastrophic way. Any Russian leader who admit this will create a situation of extreme threat for his country, fraught with its further disintegration.

That’s why no one will ever go to Moscow to do this. And trying to persuade the same Putin to exchange Ukraine for any financial and economic bonuses is absolutely useless and counterproductive.

I think that Trump, as a practical and realistic person, understands this better than any of his opponents. In addition, this is a slightly different Trump than that cornered politician, as he was at the beginning of his presidency. Whatever is said about it by the local malcontents, he, by and large, is going exactly that course – in fact, on the independence of the USA from their bonded world obligations, which he proclaimed during the elections. And now even those still powerful circles in the States who do not want to part with the illusions of the already irretrievable past will no longer scare him. But it is a very bad idea to live with these illusions and, moreover, to build policy on them. And Donald Trump, who does not want to go backwards and understands the impossibility of entering the same river twice is in fact, a greater realist than all the imperial dreamers of America combined. And realism in politics is the same Archimedean lever that alone can turn the world around.

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