Germany’s Interior Minister Horst Seehofer faced harsh criticism following his remark on “69 deprted refugees on his 69th birthday” while presenting his immigration policy imporvement plan. After the reported suicide of a deported Afghani migrant who was convicted of multiple assaults in Germany, however, opposition has demanded his resignation

German MP Ulla Jelpke of Die Linke leftist party has slammed IM Seehofer, stating that he “obviously has an incurable defciency” and it was “high time Merkel threw him out”

Chairman of SPD youth organization Kevin Kuehnert tweeted that Seehofer “is not fit for office”, adding that his resignation is “long overdue”

The 23-year-old migrant was deported from Germany on multiple charges of assault and grievous bodily harm a week ago, and hanged himself after his return to Kabul reports German News Agency DPA.

The fact that the man was among a group of deportees who Seehofer boasted of deporting triggered massive public uproar.

Seehofer has rebuffed criticism and shrugged off the allegations that he’s responsible for this death. However, he expressed his condolences that the man had ended his life.

To the calls to his resignation, Seehofer responded “I have nothing to say to that,” adding that he hadn’t known about the suicide on the day he made the remark.

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