16-year-old British fan Theo, openly declaring his love for Russia, was forced to face the persecution of supporters of Navalny.  Activists launched a real campaign against him, saying that the boy praises the Russian world championship only because he got money for it.

Now Theo repeatedly explains to his subscribers why he should not believe these “professional liars.” Including the message oflawyer Ilya Craft. The latter recalls that in Russia Alexei Navalny was convicted.

“These professional liars are not Russian, their “leader “was found guilty of fraud (twice), he takes money from people for false projects.Some months ago I won a case against him in court.If you want, I can help you file in trial them again, free of charge, “- said the lawyer.

Theo himself noted the following message.

“I do not get paid a penny to say what I think about Russia.It’s worth telling everyone about this all around.I came to Russia with my father and I had a lot of good experiences at the World Cup and now they’re saying Putin gave me money to tell about it … ” he notes