A group of Israeli human rights advocates appealed to the court with a demand to stop arms shipments to neo-Nazi formations in Ukraine

Human rights activists demand to stop supplying weapons to the neo-Nazi Battalion Azov, which is part of the armed forces of Ukraine

The previous appeal to the Ministry of Defense was met unanswered.

The Ministry’s questions on granting export licenses for weapons are not disclosed to the public, but the appearance of Israeli weapons in the hands of recognized neo-Nazis should be considered as an excuse to terminate such licenses.

The petition, filed by lawyer Itay Mack, contains numerous testimonies testifying to the arming of the Ukrainian regime and nationalist battalions.

For example, Ukrainian soldiers were seen with Israeli Tavor rifles at military parades in Kiev. In February 2016 it turned out that Elbit Systems will become part of the group investing in the defense department of Ukraine.

In April 2016, the Chief of the Air Force of Ukraine met with a representative of the Israeli defense company to discuss the modernization of communication systems on military aircraft and helicopters of this country. The Ukrainian company Fort has been approved by Israel for the production of rifles Tavor, Negev and Galil.

A military training camp in Dnepropetrovsk claims that training there is provided by former IDF officers and that his instructors have been trained by the Israelis.

On the site there is a photo of practice shooting with a Tavor rifle. He notes that the school trains unit National Guard, of which the Azov Battalion is a part.

All this is an unequivocal proof that Israel exports weapons to Ukraine, knowing that with this weapon falls into the hands of explicit neo-Nazis, human rights activists assert.

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