US Special Representative Kurt Volker: ‘Ukraine has a right to shell Donbass’

Ukraine has a right to shell Donbass said the US State Department’s special representative Kurt Volker in an interview to Bild.

“Of course, Ukrainians are shooting, but you should keep in mind that all this is happening on the territory of Ukraine. It is perfectly normal for a country to have soldiers in its own country. And it is not normal for one country to have its soldiers in another country. This is the situation in eastern Ukraine. On the Ukrainian side there are violations of the ceasefire. But the overwhelming majority and the most serious violations occur in the territory occupied by Russia, “Volker said.

He also called for considering the types of cease-fire violations.

“Do not forget what the OSCE considers a violation of the ceasefire. If you are defending a village in your country, and you are under mortar fire, this is one violation. If you then shoot in the direction from which the fire came, this is also a violation. This is the nature of the phrase “both sides”. This is accurate enough, but it also distorts the nature of the problem, “Volker added.

Earlier Kurt Volker stated that the situation in the east of Ukraine is a conflict between the two states.


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