According to police the Ottakringerstraße had to be closed. What the police noticed later, however, was the fact that some flags and symbols of the fascist Ustasa movement were on display at the celebration of the Croatian fans. Eyewitnesses are said to have heard Ustasa slogans and “Sieg Heil” calls.
The Ustasa movement is considered right-wing, its members were the collaborators of the Nazis in the years 1941 to 1945. At least 400,000 people fell victim to their movement. The Simon Wiesenthal Center claims 600,000 victims.

In the recent past, Croatian footballers also showed Ustasa-friendly comments: in 2014, Croatian defender Josip Simunic repeated five times the Ustasa greeting (Za dom spremni – ready for home) after qualifying for the World Cup in Brazil (he said “Za dom”, the audience answered with “Spremni”). The association reacted: The World Cup took place without him. This year in Russia, only Dejan Lovren, who sang a song in the cabin of the far-right group Thompson, noticed. Maybe he did not know whose song he was singing along.

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