Farage: Theresa May Is ‘the worst Prime Minister we’ve had in my entire lifetime

Tuesday on Fox News Channel’s “Fox & Friends,” former UK Independence Party leader Nigel Farage warned if British Prime Minister Theresa May remains in power, the United Kingdom exiting from the European Union in accordance with the 2016 Brexit vote.

Farage called her “the worst prime minister” of his lifetime.

“I would love her to go,” Farage said. “I think she has been utterly duplicitous, dishonest with the British public over Brexit. And I’ll be honest with you — I think she is the worst prime minister we’ve had in my entire lifetime.”

Farage also warned if she remained in power, it threatens potential trade deals with the United States and other nations.

“I’m now of the view that if she stays as prime minister, we will not get the Brexit we voted for,” he said. “We will not sign a big trade deal with America and other big countries around the world.”



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