Sweden: Anti-immigration party Sweden Democrats focus on crime in election campaign

Leader of the anti-immigration party Sweden Democrats Jimmie Akesson presented his ideas on strengthening security in Sweden, speaking at a press conference in Stockholm on Saturday.

SOT, Jimmie Akesson, Leader of Sweden Democrats (Swedish): “This week has clearly shown that we are the centrifugal force in Swedish politics today, everyone has a position on us, everyone has an opinion about us, or they don’t like us but it is us everyone is talking about all the time. And in many ways this is an honour for a party that has no influence at all, a party that no one wants to speak to, which finds itself in complete disintegration. It is quite impressive really that we are beginning to reach the place where we will be Sweden’s largest party and everyone considers us.”

SOT, Jimmie Akesson, Leader of Sweden Democrats (Swedish): “I think that the party that best manages to present credible solutions to both how individuals can increase their own security and how society can create better general security in Swedish society, but also can present factual solutions for purely repressive actions to ensure that those who commit severe crimes are locked up for a significantly longer time than today, takes the perspective of the victims of crimes seriously and ensures that those who have been subjected to crimes and their relatives receive redress – the party that succeeds best in this is the party I think that will win the elections. I am convinced of this. And I think the Sweden Democrats have very good possibilities to do this.”


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