Mother of journalist killed in Ukraine writes a letter to US President Trump on how neo-nazis killed her son and tried to block her from speaking out

The full text is pusblished on memorial site of her Son Oles Buzina


“Revered mr. Trump. You will understand the reason I’m writing to you today if you imagine that your only son was shot dead in his own home by neo-nazis acting under orders of FBI and the general prosecutor would do everything to make sure they are not charged with a crime.

Then the court would start hearing the case but do it deliberately slow so that the process could take over 15 years and you’re already 78…” writes Valentina Buzina

“It’s no secret that after Maidan the Ukrainian regime has adopted nazi tactics of silencing wrongthink and free speech, forcing political opponents to either drop their platforms or become illegals in their own country. The rest were attacked with criminal prosecution, arrests, torture and sometimes outright murder.
It is already a mass event, and there are all reasons to believe that the lists of victims of political terror, which my son now features in was negotiated with representatives of ex-US president Barack Obama.

I petiioned the prosecutor office, interior ministry, state security and even president of the Ukraine asking for a personal meeting but they all refused be.

Dear mr. Trump! I ask you to help punish my son’s killers. I understand it is a taskfor ukrainian prosecution, but in modern Ukraine it becomes impossible without your intervention.

When the mother of killed jounalist Georgy Gongadze has asked the world, just like I am now, for help, for justice, she died before anything was done.

After her death, the case against her son’s killers was dropped and under the new ukrainian regime it will not be renewed.

I am afraid that without your help similar fate awaits me, and the killers of my son will go unpunished.

Your intervention will not solve all problems in Ukraine, but it could be the first step to restore the lost faith in Justice Ukraine has already lost.

With respect,
Valentina Buzina

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