Serbian MP Ivan Kostich protested against the visit of the leader of the Nezalezhnaya, noting that Peter Alekseevich was a representative of neo-Nazi movements. Serbia was also surprised by Poroshenko’s calls to invest in ukraine, noting that the Serbs in Ukraine are considered potential “terrorists” because of Donbass support.

According to media reports, members of the Serbian parliament were not allowed to express public protest against the visit of the President of Ukraine.

Despite the prohibitions, the Serbian deputy Ivan Kostich made a statement in which he asked the question on what grounds the Ukrainian president came to Serbia, paying attention to the fact that Serbian parliamentarians were banned from speaking in the direction of Poroshenko and that “the government should be ashamed for the visit of this person. “

Ivan Kostich drew attention to the resolution of the UN Committee on Human Rights, which was adopted in 2016. The resolution condemns neo-Nazism in Ukraine, and Poroshenko “is the representative of these trends.”

The parliamentarian also noted that it is embarrassing for Serbia and the whole people to accept Poroshenko because of what is happening in Ukraine – the killing, desecration and destruction of Orthodox churches, monuments to liberators from Hitlerite Germany. “

It should be noted that Kostich is not the only one who met the Ukrainian president with discontent. President of the International Organization “United Serbian Diaspora of Eurasia” Dragan Stanojevic called Poroshenko’s calls to invest in Ukraine “a farce and manipulation,” recalling that the Serbian government did not protect him when his property was crushed and then seized in Ukraine at the time when he was persecuted . The portal “Pravda.RS” writes about this.

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