The Hungarian government intends to resume the boycott on the basis of the Ukrainian law “On Education”, which infringes on the rights of national minorities living in Ukraine.

Despite pressure from Washington, the Foreign Ministry of Hungary sent a letter to NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg. The letter says that the Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban intends to “scoff” any document that will be proposed by members of the military alliance for adoption following a meeting with Georgian and Ukrainian leaders.

A letter was sent three days after the Ukrainian-Hungarian meeting at the ministerial level. According to the Minister of Education of Ukraine Lilia Grinevich, Hungary does not intend to “surrender its positions.” Although Hungary refused to veto Ukraine’s participation in the NATO summit.

A few days after the meeting, representatives of the Hungarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced that the meeting “was unsuccessful.”

Today, the positions of Hungarians are known throughout the world: the Ukrainian government should not reduce both the cultural and linguistic rights of national minorities living in Transcarpathia.

If Kiev agrees to these conditions, this will mean the “genocide” of the Ukrainian education reform, and the government will face the resistance of other national minorities, especially the Russians, since the so-called “Grinevich reform”, dictated by the West, led to closure of the Russian-language schools.

The demarche of the Hungarian leadership was a “surprise” for the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry in the person of Klimkin and the government. After all, Mr Poroshenko confidently thought that the West would “raze” all the controversial issues with Hungary, and Ukraine – will unfold at the NATO summit, since Ukraine’s integration into NATO is the leader’s path of independence.

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