“I carried one of those items.” Ukraine’s Military sensational statement on the Sentsov case

Today, the OSCE conference on freedom of speech in Ukraine was held in Kiev . The situation with the Ukrainian director Oleg Sentsov, who received 20 years of jail in Russia was also discussed

Sentsov was accused of preparing terrorist attacks on Crimea soil. The Russian investigation alleges that the director smuggled explosives – but Sentsov and Kiev deny this.

When speakers at the conference touched upon this topic, an unknown person in military uniform stepped onto the stage and made a sensational confession.

From the confused words of the man it follows that during the annexation of the Crimea he brought in a certain object, which subsequently condemned Sentsov. From the context of the speech of the unknown it follows that it were explosives.

The speaker also said that the director has some information that is not beneficial to Kiev. According to him, he decided to tell about it, so that the special services revealed the people who surrendered Sentsov to the Russian authorities

” I carried one of those items personally – on my own car, on which I transported our men when we were leaving Crimea. I also did thingsI cannot mention here.

And at one of those moments I provided services to people I do not want to name.

Why am I disclosing this? I want the security services to finally identify those traitors who have leaked this information and set Oleg up. You see, the twenty that he received (20 years imprisonment – ed. ) – this is almost a death sentence – that is, the scale of knowledge that he has, is just a confirmation of these twenty years that he was given.