Ukrainian radicals attack Roma camp with Molotov cocktails

The ultra-right organization “Nemesis” in its telegram-channel reports about another massacre of Roma at the metro station “Akademgorodok” in Kiev.

In particular, the radicals no longer hide the fact that they use explosives and incendiary mixtures against the residents of the camps. “We decided to arrange a preventive visit to the Roma, during which we treated them with explosive and flaming gifts,” the neo-Nazi organization said in a statement.

In addition, the radicals published a short video of the attack, noting that the full version of the outrage does not allow the publication of the law: “Unfortunately, due to problems with the camera and the law, we can publish only a small video fragment in which our activists” treat “the gypsies with explosive gifts. But outside the cell we managed to break through into the heart of the camp and set fire to some more tents, treating the scoundrels with laughing gas. “


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