The position of Hungary against Ukraine will not change for the better, said political analyst Vladimir Volya said at a press conference in Kiev, “Political Navigator” reports.

Because of this educational law, because of the 7th article and for the policy towards the Hungarians in Transcarpathia, the Ukrainian authorities were criticized. For the whole of Europe and for the United States, the Ukrainian leadership is exposed as people who are unfair in the reforms. And it is unlikely that this factor will disappear in the near future. Orban annoys Merkel and Macron, and as long as he does, they will show signs of favor. Therefore, it will be more difficult for our leadership to prove that the reforms are progressing poorly because the war with Russia. In a recent interview, Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Siyarto went through this Russian factor very rigidly, said that the war was a war, but there were other problems. By analogy, we can say that war is war, but what about reforms? “, He said.

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