The leader of the Christian Social Union, Horst Seehofer, accuses Merkel of not notifying the party about the decisions madewith the French president in the framework of the Bradenburg Dialogue.

“It was neither discussed nor agreed with us.” It is impossible to conclude such important agreements and not notify CSU at the same time, it will not work “

CSU is concerned about the decision taken by Merkel in the policy of granting asylum in the euro area at the expense of the EU budget. The joint policy of Merkel and Macron makes it impossible to make decisions on migration policy at the level of individual countries.

“This is a dirty deal,” said Bavarian Prime Minister Marcus Soder.

“We need stability in Europe, and not through a bloated budget but through reforms in individual countries.

Seehofer plans to demand an explanation at the legislative session of the coalition committee this Tuesday.

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